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July 7, 2014 - [Webinar] Sensory on the Go: Quick Tips for Travel and Summer Fun (Presented by Lori Benson-Adams) (Leave a Comment)
During this webinar “Sensory on the Go: Quick Tips for Travel and Summer fun,” Lori discusses how to efficiently prepare for your summer travel with your child. Lori will evaluate summer plans and identify possible sensory, “Red Flags”. She will investigate the use of visual supports to minimize stressors, meltdowns, and chaos, she will also […]

March 21, 2014 - Is There an ACL Solution? (Leave a Comment)
  Our last four articles have focused on anterior cruciate ligament injuries. This increased focus over the last month mainly due to A.C.L., LLC’s deep desire to do something to dramatically impact this trend on a global scale. That comes through education and research & development of products that can be scaled in a way […]

August 22, 2013 - Helping Children Become Independent Using Breath in the Classroom (Leave a Comment)
Last night in my Webinar with Donna Freeman from Yoga for Children with ADHD, I talked about breathing techniques that work well with this population, and are easily incorporated into the classroom. Here is another idea that I tried out today and had great success with. I made these bracelets with a group of […]

August 16, 2013 - OT Group Raises Awareness for Correct Backpack Usage (Leave a Comment)
With a new school year beginning, many students want to have the coolest backpack in school.  However, not wearing a backpack correctly can cause harm in the long run.  Brenda Erickson, an occupational therapist at Carlsbad Medical Center in Carlsbad, NM, is helping raise awareness on correct backpack usage for students and their parents at […]

August 6, 2013 - Physical Therapy Reduces Back Pain (Leave a Comment)
Sara Edlebeck, Doctor of Physical Therapy in Iron Mountain, MI is helping back pain patients avoid surgery through her physical therapy program.  Mike Pelletier quickly and unexpectedly began having back pain.  He travels a lot with his job requiring him to sit, which he has been doing for over 21 years. Mike was thinking surgery […]

July 25, 2013 - Relaxation Achieved Through Tai Chi (11 Comments)
Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art with uncertain origins, but is gaining popularity much like yoga.  Mary Nell Jackson, a tai chi practitioner in Iowa City, IA, descirbes the art as organic.  She says:  “My original thought about it was that it was just so beautiful to watch because it looks like flowing […]

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