DSM-5 RFP, Field Trial Site Recruitment

The APA recently put out an RFP on their website for field trial site recruitment to start gaining real-world insights into the impact of the proposed changes to the DSM-V.  Here is an excerpt from the story on their website: “The DSM-5 Task Force is requesting proposals from academic and large general psychiatric, mental health […]

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual – 5th Edition (DSM-V) by Doreit S. Bialer, M.A.,OTR/L

Written by Doreit S. Bialer, M.A.,OTR/L Instructor, Summit Professional Education Sensory Processing, often referred to as Sensory Integration describes the manner in which the nervous system receives and processes information from sensory systems allowing an individual to make adaptive motor or behavioral responses. When there is a problem in the process of receiving and interpreting […]

DSM-V Interview with Dr. Alan Schatzberg, Dr. Allen Frances on PBS NewsHour

Excerpt from: PBS NewsHour Website Copyright © 1996-2010 MacNeil/Lehrer Productions JUDY WOODRUFF: Now: rethinking mental illness. For the first time in 16 years, the American Psychiatric Association is revising its essential dictionary, formally titled “The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.” The book is used widely by mental health professionals to classify and diagnose […]

Asperger’s to be removed from DSM

According to numerous sources, the APA is proposing major changes today to the DSM-V. Asperger’s Disorder is likely to be eliminated, causing a more symptom-driven diagnosis. All autism-related disorders will be placed into a general category known as Autism Spectrum Disorders. “Dimensions” will now differentiate ASD including current language functioning and intellectual level/disability. One possibility […]