Summit Certification Series

Cancer Rehabilitation

Expand your cancer rehab knowledge

- Risk assessments, treatment side effects, lymphedema, and exercise prescription

- Improve quality of survivorship and functional impairments

- Earn your Summit Cancer Rehabilitation Certification

Cancer Rehabilitation

Both cancer itself and treatment regimens can cause a host of complications for therapy interventions and require new considerations to achieve desired outcomes. These two courses, together spanning 12 hours, approach both short and long term oncology rehab through risk assessment, side effects of chemotherapy, lymphedema considerations, and exercise prescription.

What this certification series addresses

As the treatments for various types of cancers continue to improve, there has been exponential growth in the survivors who are living longer than ever before. However, despite the advancements in medical treatment, not all patients are aware of how they can further improve the quality of survivorship. Patients are often not aware of the continuum of care, nor do they realize they can often improve functional impairments that plagued them during treatment, including surgery, chemotherapy, drug therapy, and radiation.

When a patient makes the decision to undergo chemotherapy treatment of cancer, the possible side effects understandably take a back seat. But what if you could prepare and guide a patient through the cognitive and physical changes associated with chemotherapy treatment? Rehabilitation specialists are in a unique position to support patients and their families to improve function, participation, and overall quality of life. Take this opportunity to learn the best, evidence-based tools to help your patient live life to the fullest.

What courses are included

"Evidence-Based Assessment and Treatment for Cancer and Cognitive Rehabilitation"

Taught by Courtney Huber, MS, CCC-SLP, CBIS

"Evidence-Based Oncology Rehabilitation"

Taught by Hidelisa Manibusan, PT, DPT, OCS, MTC, CLT-LANA