Summit Certification Series

Home Health

Expand your home health knowledge

- Home mods, innovative solutions, and minimizing fall risks

- Medical and functional perspectives, ADLs, and mobility requirements

- Earn your Summit Home Health Certification

Home Health

Spanning 14 hours of content, this in-depth look at Home Health covers home modifications, innovative rehab solutions, and minimizing fall risks. This Summit Certification Series is a must-have for therapists working in and around the home care setting to gain deeper knowledge of the medical perspective, functional perspective, ADLs, and mobility requirements.

What this certification series will address:

Over the past 5 years there has been an enormous expansion of products and resources in patient accessibility, assessment tools, and home modification options. With the expansion of accessibility products there are a greater number of individuals remaining in their homes, as they "age in place" or desire to remain at home with a disability. The growing fields of home modifications and "safe patient handling" are an increasingly more pertinent discipline and resource that distinguish physical and occupational therapists from other health care professionals. A therapist's knowledge base of the medical and functional perspectives, as well as ADLs and mobility requirements, uniquely qualify them as the experts for effective and intelligent accessible modifications for the home and community.

Statistical evidence continues to support the need for skilled home health clinicians in a dynamically changing health care field. Navigating home health care can be challenging as advanced health care regulations, insurance changes, and complicated documentation and reimbursement systems present a daunting challenge. Investing resources into home health care training will not only position you for clinical excellence in this challenging healthcare environment but will also translate into operational success to become the leading provider in your market. Utilizing specific patient-centered concepts and evidenced based practices in this workshop will be critical to maximizing your results.

In addition, a large portion of the burden of preventing falls has fallen on therapists as Medicare continues implementing and refining its value-based care system.

What courses are included

"Creating Accessible Home Modifications Facilitating Safety, Function and Options"

Taught by Rob Horkheimer, MPT, MCEAC, CAPS, ECHM, CLIPP

"Evidence-Based Home Health Rehabilitation"

Taught by Timothy Dunn, PT, DPT, GCS, COS-C

"OASIS-D Demystifying the M1800/GG Relationship"

Taught by Andrew Morgan, PT, DPT, MBA, COS-C