Summit Certification Series


Expand your lymphedema knowledge

- Hands-on labs, manual techniques and improving treatment

- Discussions and case studies for lymphatic dysfunction

- Earn your Summit Lymphedema Certification


Clinicians often encounter patients who are affected by edema, lymphedema, and general swelling. A therapist needs to understand how to differentiate types of edema, and why proper edema management is critical to optimal rehab outcomes. This 15- hour series will focus on to improve the way therapists treat this patient population and overcome the unique challenges associated with the issue through various phases of treatment.

What this certification series will address:

This course is designed to provide the clinician with the knowledge of the normal function of the lymphatic system, impairments of this system and basic assessment and treatments for lymphatic dysfunction. This pertains to oncology patients, as well as various other patient populations. Clinicians will learn through learning best practices for assessment and documentation, case studies, discussion and hand-on labs using manual techniques to reduce swelling, bandaging technique, and exercises to mobilize fluid. Participants attending this course will leave with the proper tools and strategies to effectively treat these patient populations.

This course also provides practitioners with an understanding of the medical and psychosocial needs of individuals with cancer including lymphedema. Participants will learn to help practitioners who do not treat lymphedema know what to look for and how to make appropriate referrals and conversely, provide education on lymphedema for those considering working in oncology and lymphedema.

What courses are included

"Edema Bootcamp"

Taught by Nicole Scheiman, DrOT, MHS, OTR/L, CLT-LANA, CES, CKTP, CEES-Advanced, CSST, CDCS, CORE

"Swelling, Edema, and Lymphedema"

Taught by Lisa Sylvestri, MSPT

"Treatment of Cancer Patients with Lymphedema"

Taught by Hidelisa Manibusan, PT, DPT, OCS, MTC, CLT-LANA

"Oncology Rehabilitation"

Taught by Nicole Scheiman, DrOT, MHS, OTR/L, CLT-LANA, CES, CKTP, CEES-Advanced, CSST, CDCS, CORE