Summit Certification Series

Sport Performance and Rehab

Expand your sport performance and rehab knowledge

- Develop sport-specific rehabilitation programs

- Evidence-based protocols to maximize recovery from injury

- Earn your Summit Sport Performance and Rehab Certification

Sport Performance and Rehab

People are more active than ever and are participating in athletic and recreational activities ranging from running to extreme sports resulting in a number of orthopedic injuries. Expectations in the rehabilitation of these injuries are to utilize an evidence-based approach to develop appropriate exercise programs. This comprehensive certification will cover common sports-related injuries and effective treatment for return to sport.

What this certification series will address:

This innovative certification combines basic concepts of physics, biomechanics, and physiology with movement analysis to help participants develop sport-specific rehabilitation programs. Participants will learn how to systematically break down fundamental athletic movements using current research, in depth discussions, and video analysis. Evidence-based protocols for concussion and upper and lower extremity return to sport will be introduced as well as the concept of periodization. Participants will return to their practice with multiple tools to maximize recovery from injury for every patient from the weekend warrior to the professional athlete.

What courses are included

"Advanced Concepts in Post-Operative ACL Rehabilitation"

Taught by Joseph Villena, PT, MPT, OCS, CSCS, COMT

"Evaluation of Inversion Ankle Sprains"

Taught by Stephen (Chris) Owens, PT, ScD, OCS, CSCS, FAAOMPT

"Assessment, Treatment, and Rehabilitation Strategies for Concussion and Mild TBI"

Taught by Lenore Herget, DPT, SCS, MEd, CSCS

"Running Biomechanics"

Taught by Joseph Villena, PT, MPT, OCS, CSCS, COMT

"A Comprehensive Approach to Sports Rehab"

Taught by Joseph Villena, PT, MPT, OCS, CSCS, COMT