Summit Certification Series

Total Joint Replacement

Expand your joint replacement knowledge

- Effective manual treatment techniques

- Improve a patient's motion and function

- Earn your Summit Total Joint Replacement Certification

Total Joint Replacement

Joint replacement has become a popular option for orthopedic surgeons to help patients who suffer from arthritic pain, decreased mobility, joint stiffness, and motion loss. More people are remaining active longer and search for possible solutions to address their increasing functional limitations. An efficient system of accurate assessment, evidence-based therapeutic exercise and appropriate manual therapies will aid a patient in decreasing their pain, correcting dysfunction, and improving functional independence following a joint replacement. In most cases, therapy addresses the quality of a person's life and we have the privilege of influencing people's lives through our interaction with them.

What this certification series will address:

Participants of this certification series will be provided with evidence-based treatment options for patients being treated for post joint replacement rehabilitation. Effective manual treatment techniques will be taught to improve a patient's motion and function. Participants will be given protocol strategies and post-operative precautions to treat patients, in a safe and efficient manner, while progressing through each stage of healing. After this dynamic certification series you will be able to return to the clinic and immediately implement the information and techniques learned. This series will provide an evidence-based rationale for assessment and treatment techniques for postsurgical patients. Through didactic presentation, video, case study discussion, and hands-on demonstration, participants will feel confident in the acquisition of expanded skills in manual therapy, taping and exercise prescription to influence muscle recruitment, tissue healing, and pain inhibition, all to facilitate improved functional mobility. Participants will be given multiple examples of protocol strategies and goals for progression from each stage of healing. Participants will return to the clinic and confidently incorporate new treatment skills that supplement existing expertise in rehabilitation following joint replacement surgery.

What courses are included

"Osteoarthritis: Non-Surgical Options vs. Joint Replacement"

Taught by Julie Barnett, PT, DPT, MTC

"Evidence-Based Strategies for Post-Operative Rehabilitation and Joint Replacement"

Taught by Chris Ellis, PT, DPT, Cert. DN

"Evidence-Based Rehabilitation Strategies for Joint Replacement"

Taught by Richard Hubler, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT

"Orthopedic Regenerative Injections"

Taught by Julie Barnett, PT, DPT, MTC

"Evidence-Based Rehabilitation of the Total Knee Arthroplasty"

Taught by Andrew Morgan, PT, DPT, MBA, COS-C