Functional Pelvic Floor Training for Weakness, Pain, and Dysfunction in Men, Women, and Older Adults

Catherine Lewan, DPT, CYT
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Women's Health

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  • Effectively screen and treat clients dealing with constipation, incontinence, pelvic pain, poorneuromotor control and weak proprioceptive awareness
  • Functional, task-specific exercises to train the pelvic floor for strength, endurance, coordination and relaxation in men and women
  • Incorporate pelvic floor muscle activation into the exercises that you frequently teach for improved outcomes, patient satisfaction and quality of life
  • Learn exercises from Yoga and Pilates to engage the core and pelvic floor muscles collectively
  • Valuable pre and post-natal techniques to helpnew mothers regain core strength and pelvic control
  • Reduce risk of falls by improving control of the pelvic floor and core muscles in older adults
  • Practical, non-invasive screening techniques to determine pelvic floor muscle strength and functional
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