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Value you Want

Value You Want

Do You Have 5+ Professionals in Your Organization Who Need CE Credits?

Group CE Subscriptions

Groups of 5 or more professionals receive additional savings on annual CE plans. Unlike any of our competitors, we offer two unique subscription plans:

"All Access" Subscription
  • Unlimited Live/In-Person CE Courses (2,200+ Annually)
  • Unlimited Online Video and Text CE Courses (300+)
  • One low yearly rate!

ONLY $299.99/yr

Call for Group Price!

Unlimited Live/In-Person CE workshops for an entire year AND high impact, engaging Online CE Courses that are carefully edited from our Live CE courses.

"Online Access" Subscription
  • Unlimited Online Video and Text CE Courses (300+)
  • Includes 75+ 6 credit video courses, plus 1, 2, and 3 credit options
  • One low yearly rate!

ONLY $249.99/yr

Call for Group Price!

Online CE Courses that offer not only 1-2 credit offerings on narrow topics, BUT ALSO 75+ 6 credit CE Courses that allow more efficient and in-depth learning.

Private CE Events and Hosting

You pick the instructor, topic, and format (Live/In-Person or Online Video/Text) to be held at your facility, we'll take care of the rest!

Single CE Course Group Purchase

Choose a single Live/In-Person or Online Video/Text CE Course for your group of professionals and attend at a discounted rate.

We offer significant discounts vs single purchases. Our group plans are perfect for:

  • Hospitals
  • Medical rehab facilities
  • Home health organizations
  • Outpatient organizations
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Child development organizations

Content You Want

Average Instructor Satisfaction

Average Instructor Top Box Rating of 4.7 Stars (out of 5.0)

#1 Decision driver on where to obtain CE (66% professionals)

"I want the best possible Instructor content and teaching ability"

We Offer 100+ Live and 300+ Online Topics Each Year

Geriatric Rehab Hide topics>

  • Fall Prevention
  • Joint Replacement
  • Amputee Rehab
  • COPD, Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Failure
  • Oncology
  • Pharmacology
  • Patient Compliance
  • Home Modifications
  • Low Vision
  • Wheelchair Seating and Positioning
  • Dysphagia
  • Cognition and Memory

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50+ New Course Topics in 2019: Live and Online

We target 30% new instructors/topics every year!

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Formats You Want

We Offer BOTH Live/In-Person and Online Courses

Summit Courses, 2,200+ Live, 300+ Online Video and Text

May 2018 Research of 300+ PTs, OTs, and SLPs in the US


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Why Choose a Live/In-Person CE Workshop vs Taking an Online CE Course? Show Results>

Why Choose Taking an Online CE Course vs a Live/In-Person CE Workshop? Show Results>

Live/In-Person CE Courses Near You!

2,200+ Courses Annually in All 50 States!

We're always right around the corner with a Live/In-Person CE Courses for PTs, OTs, and SLPs!

The Summit Online Difference

300+ Online Video and Text CE Courses Available 24/7/365
  • We film and edit from Live/In-Person CE Courses to bring the high-energy, hands-on interactive live experience right to your smart device
  • Our Online CE Courses are NOT simply voice-overs of PowerPoint presentations or studio filming
  • Unlike others, we offer 75+ 6 credit Online Video and Text CE Courses to help you learn in-depth and get more CE credits faster
  • We collect consumer feedback on every CE course, which allows us to deliver a 4.7/5 star satisfaction rating

Visibility You Want

We Give You the Tools to Effectively and Efficiently Manage CE for Your Entire Organization.


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  • Easily track your entire organization's CE progress
  • Monitor active vs. expired status of all Subscribers
  • View total Live/In-Person and Online Usage
  • Track total team CE value delivered in real time

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Home Exercise Programs Now Available

Physiotec and Summit are working together to bring you special offers for the best in Home Exercise Programs (HEP). Physiotec is an international leader in providing home exercise programs for Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists, delivering more 7,000 exercise options in video and print format across a wide range of 15 major specialties, from Orthopedics to Geriatrics to Pediatrics. Founded in 1993, Physiotec offers superb content quality and integration ability with your company's website, and is also smartly integrated with more than 25 EMR software platforms

Physiotec is also unique in the Home Exercise Program space with outstanding focus on partnering with our customers to create excellent video content that patients love. To learn more about the full offering of exercise content and easy access for your company, visit, and to learn about special Physiotec offers for Summit customers, please contact us at (615) 376-8890.

Patient Outcomes You Need

How a Summit Subscription Improves Patient Outcomes

Therapists LEARN at Summit Courses (and share that learning)

What impact did completing your Summit course(s) have on your skills and capabilities?

74 percent say they significantly improved their skills and capabilities

Have you shared anything you learned from your Summit course to your peers or employees?

81 percent shared knowledge from a Summit course with their peers or employees

Therapists USE that learning to IMPROVE PATIENT OUTCOMES

Did you learn anything new from your course that you have implemented into your treatment of patients?

95 percent report they learned something new, used in treatment of patients

What was the impact of implementing this new learning into your client treatment?

86 Percent said improved patient outcomes

Data Source: August 2019 Research of 250+ Summit PTs, OTs, and SLPs Users

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Value You Want

Save vs. already low prices on "All Access" and "Online Access" Subscriptions, Single Courses, or events at your facilities

Content You Want

4.7 Star Average Instructor Rating. 100+ Live and 300+ Online topics, 14,000+ CEU credits, and 30% new topics annually!

Formats You Want

2,200+ Live/In-Person CE Courses annually and 300+ 1-6 Credit Online Video and Text CE Courses

Visibility You Want

"One Touch" administrator program that makes it easy to track and manage CE across your entire team

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