Two Great Subscription Options

Save Up to 60% on Yearly CE with a Subscription!

"All Access" Subscription Plan

  • UNLIMITED attendance to all Live/In-Person CE Courses (1,800+ annually) and weekly live, interactive webinars
  • UNLIMITED access to all Online Video and Text CE Courses (450+)
  • UNLIMITED Live Webinars (offered 2x/week)
  • One low yearly rate

ONLY $29999/year

"Online Access" Subscription Plan

  • UNLIMITED access to all Online Video and Text CE Courses (450+)
  • Includes 85+ 6 credit Video CE Courses, plus 1, 2, and 3 CEU options
  • One low yearly rate

ONLY $24999/year

Tremendous Value

Single Live/Online 6 Credit CE Course "Online Access" Subscription Plan "All Access" Subscription Plan
Price $199.99 - $249.99



All 450+ Online CE Courses (Unlimited Access)
All Video and Text Formats (1, 2, 3, and 6 CE Hours)
All Live/In-Person CE Courses (Unlimited Attendance)
Weekly Live, Interactive Webinars (Unlimited Attendance)

Additional Features

NEW! Certificate Series: Cancer Rehabilitation, Dementia, Geriatric, Home Health, Lymphedema, Stroke, Vestibular, and Women's Health
NEW! CE Tracker: track all your CE Courses and Certificates from any provider in one easy place
Access to High-Quality, Interactive CE Content
Customer Support M-F 6am-6pm (CST)
All Online CE Courses Available 24/7

Unique vs. Competition

Summit Subscriptions are Unique

We feature the ONLY subscription plan with Live/In-Person CE Courses and weekly live, interactive webinars AND also offer unmatched online quality and breadth!

The "All Access" Subscription Difference

  • Unlimited Access

    We offer unlimited access to all 1,800+ Live/In-Person CE Courses and weekly live, interactive webinars plus all the benefits of our "Online Access" Subscription for an entire year!

  • 4.7/5 Star Satisfaction Rating

    Our instructors have an average of 20+ years of experience teaching the latest, relevant course content -- information you can use the next day!

  • Only the Best CE Courses Offered

    Each new CE course goes through rigorous Pre-Pilot Tour Screening and Live Tour Pilot Validation. Customer interest and instructor quality is strictly evaluated.

450+ Online Video and Text CE Courses Available 24/7/365

The "Online Access" Subscription Difference

  • Filmed and Edited from Live/In-Person Courses

    We bring the high-energy, hands-on interactive live experience right to your smart device.

  • Engaging Instructors

    Our Online Video CE Courses are NOT simply voice overs of PowerPoint presentations or studio filming.

  • 450+ Online Video/Text CE Courses

    Even our on-demand webinar content is recorded from a live webinar including Q&A with attendees, lead by dynamic, engaging instructors. We won't submit you to boring voice over PowerPoints or studio filming.

Quality You Want

4.7/5 Stars, average instructor satisfaction

We Listen to You

When you invest your time and money for CE, you want the best possible instructor content and teaching ability. That's why we collect, read, and USE feedback on every Live/In-Person, Webinar and Online CE Course - we are dedicated to continual improvement!

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Content You Want

We offer 100+ Live/In-person and 450+ Online Topics each year, with weekly live interactive webinars.

Geriatric Rehab Hide Topics >

  • Fall Prevention
  • Joint Replacement
  • Amputee Rehab
  • COPD, Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Failure
  • Oncology
  • Pharmacology
  • Patient Compliance
  • Home Modifications
  • Low Vision
  • Wheelchair Seating and Positioning
  • Dysphagia
  • Cognition and Memory

Orthopedic Rehab Show Topics >

Neurological Disorders Show Topics >

Specialty Setting Show Topics >

Pediatrics Show Topics >

We Keep Our Content Fresh, Targeting 30% New Instructors/Topics Annually (50+ New Topics in 2018 Alone!)

Convenience You Want

Online CE on Your Schedule!

450+ Online Video and Text-Based CE Courses Available 24/7/365

We have invested to make sure your Online CE Course experience is outstanding:

  • Mobile optimized to work seamlessly on your phone and tablet
  • Video and Text courses in 3 hour, 2 hour, and 1 hour increments, in case you don't have time to take, or don't need, a 6 hour course
  • Text courses that also offer video highlights
  • Available 24/7/365!

Live/In-Person/Webinar CE Courses Near You!

1,800+ Yearly Live Courses, 500+ Locations, in All 50 States

Our Live/In-Person CE workshops are:

  • Great for observing and practicing hands-on lab activities
  • Ideal for interacting with your instructor and asking them questions
  • Excellent for interacting with other attendees for more in-depth learning
  • Available Monday - Sunday so you can choose the best day for your schedule

What Our Subscribers Are Saying

Patient Outcomes You Need

How a Summit Subscription Improves Patient Outcomes

Therapists LEARN at Summit Courses (and share that learning)

What impact did completing your Summit course(s) have on your skills and capabilities?

74 percent say they significantly improved their skills and capabilities

Have you shared anything you learned from your Summit course to your peers or employees?

81 percent shared knowledge from a Summit course with their peers or employees

Therapists USE that learning to IMPROVE PATIENT OUTCOMES

Did you learn anything new from your course that you have implemented into your treatment of patients?

95 percent report they learned something new, used in treatment of patients

What was the impact of implementing this new learning into your client treatment?

86 Percent said improved patient outcomes

Data Source: August 2019 Research of 250+ Summit PTs, OTs, and SLPs Users

Course Specialties


Focused on practical strategies and interventions to help individuals with autism improve their function in everyday life.

Early Intervention

Effectively address early intervention to provide the tools healthcare and educational professionals need to proactively set the stage for success later in life.

Manual Therapy

Hands-on CE courses that teach how to effectively use and apply manual therapy techniques to improve function and range of motion.


Keep up to date on the latest changes related to documentation and the justification of medical necessity to ensure payment for skilled care.

Kinesiology Taping

Hands-on taping courses that allow you to practice and optimize this popular and unique intervention.

Neurological Disorders

Identify and treat neurological disorders with effective interventions and assessment techniques taught by expert, experienced instructors.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Practical and efficient rehabilitation strategies that are backed by evidence, and taught by seasoned, clinical orthopedic experts.

Geriatric Rehab

Evidence-based interventions and treatment approaches to maintain and improve function in this growing population.

Sensory Processing

Meaningful solutions to challenging behaviors and help professionals determine what is driving maladaptive behaviors.

Subscription FAQs

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, you have 30 days from the time of purchase to cancel your subscription. However, once you complete a course and take the test to receive your CE credits, there is no refund.

How do I know there will be enough Live or Online courses available to make a subscription worthwhile?

With 1000s of Live Courses across all 50 states each year, plus 450+ Online Courses available 24/7/365, you should be able to find lots of great choices. To get a sense of Live Course availability, select your state and profession in our navigation to see what's currently offered in your area (typically out 2 months).

If I have "All Access" or "Online Access", do I have more than 30 days to complete or review an Online course once I start the course?

Yes, one of the benefits of our subscription plan is that you can complete, or even go back and review a course, anytime over your 365 day subscription.

Can I upgrade to a subscription model if I recently bought a Summit course?

Yes, you can upgrade to "All Access" for $100 or to "Online Access" for $50 for up to 30 days after you complete a Live or Online 6 credit course. It's a flat price to upgrade no matter what you paid for your 6 credit course.