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The Better Choice in Home Exercise Programs

Create patient-specific exercise plans from the largest library of 20,000+ videos covering 18+ specialties

Share the treatment plan with patients instantly via email, text, or print

Improve patient compliance with built-in progress tracking and automated reminders

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Find the Right Exercises for Each of Your Patients!

Browse thousands of home exercise videos in the Summit HEP library to create the personalized treatment plans your patients need to accelerate their wellness.

20,000+ Exercise Videos for PT, OT, and SLP Patients

18+ Rehabilitation Specialties Covered

300+ quick-start templates

Unlimited use for unlimited patients


Engage Patients to Take an Active Role in Their Wellness

Summit HEP lets you build exercise programs for your patients, offering videos, patient education sheets, and pain and progress tracking and empowering them to take control of their healing journey.

Personalized rehab plans with automated reminders

Realtime progress tracking

Easy-to-use patient portal

Trusted by 16 million+ patients

Exercises in Every Patient Setting for PTs, OTs, and SLPs

Explore these examples from our extensive library of exercises:

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Customizing a Home Exercise Plan Has Never Been Faster or Easier

Quick enough to be done at the point of care, easily add patients to Summit HEP and customize, share, and monitor their own personalized home exercise program.

1. Build a Customized Home Exercise Plan

Start with one of 300+ templates or design your own to quickly create home exercise programs unique to each patient’s need. Select and prescribe exercises from over 20,000 exercise videos and/or printable handouts covering 18+ specialties.

2. Share the Plan with Your Patient

Instantly email, text, or print your patient’s treatment plan to instantly provide them with everything they need to take an active role in their healing process.

3. Track Their Progress

Summit HEP includes built-in patient compliance and progress monitoring including automated email and text reminders to patients when they haven’t accessed their programs or recorded progress between appointments. Efficiently track patient progress on exercise completion, rate of perceived exertion, pain levels, and strength and endurance progression.

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